a little about us

built with quality software

we use our custom modified version of WordPress, as your CMS, or content management system. WordPress is a solid option for maintaining and keeping your website updated.


most importantly, all of our services are affordable for you. we work with you to custom build a pricing plan with you that keeps you under budget, but without sacrificing quality.

site maintenance

when we build a website for you, you pay a yearly maintenance fee. need something changed? broke something? contact us through your dedicated support portal, and we'll get you fixed up!

one big family

westx media is a family. we love each one of our clients. we'll drop by your office from time to time to check on you, and the project we're working on. sometimes even just to sit and talk. we really do appreciate each and every client.

blazing fast hosting

whether we are building your site, or you just need quality hosting, we can hook you up. all of our hosting plans are partitioned from the fastest cloud severs, ensuring maximal uptime, and super fast content delivery for your site. all of our servers are located throughout the great state of Texas, with backups scattered throughout the US!


all of our sites include at least a baseline of security. we offer a free minimal SSL certificate on each of our sites, and strongly encourage purchasing an even more secure option. regardless, with our free certificate, all data running in and out of your site remains confidential and secure.