About Us

Learn who we are, and what we’re about

We are a small company based in a rural west Texas town, Hamlin, TX.

While our home town population might be small, our values aren’t.


Read below, and learn a little about us


About westx media

westx media was founded in late 2016, and has provided quality service to many clients since that point. our goal is to provide quality services at a competitive, yet affordable rate. we care about each and every client, and to us, each client is family.

Why choose westx media

we don’t mean to brag, but we can’t help it. each of our clients is like our family. we routinely visit your office just to check on you and your project, and sometimes just to sit and visit. our “family” is more important to us than making money, and we love each and every family member.

The 3 rules we follow

  1. you shouldn’t have to do a thing! sit back and let us create a site to fit your needs. why should you have to worry about the confusing ins and outs of the world wide web like dns nameservers, ip addresses, a records & cname records? you shouldn’t! we’ll take care of it all for you!
  2. we love our customers! customer support is our 1st priority. contact us through your dedicated support portal, and we’ll get you fixed up! you can check out some of our satisfied customers here!
  3. finally, but definitely not least, we believe that the customer should be satisfied. we won’t stop until you are satisfied with your project.

Just a little more info, if we haven’t convinced you already😉

each project we do is handcrafted with care! we want your website to be a joy, and not a burden. that’s why we call our service “complete site design.” other companies might advertise “full website design, but they don’t actually do it all! complete site design means we handle everything. start to finish. if you have an old site that has pictures on it, no problem. we’ll help you transfer your data*. view our basic pricing sheet here or contact us here if you have any more questions! we would be happy to help!


Proud Member of the Hamlin Chamber of Commerce

A Caleb White Company