FBC Hamlin

Hamlin, TX

Website, Social Media, Graphic Design, and Photography

This site is built on a custom WordPress installation, and we created several custom post types to make it easy for sermons, and other info to be added in a user friendly way. Another feature about this website is that the site fully integrates with the churches PlanningCenter account, to allow users to setup and blockout dates for scheduling, and online giving.

AFTER: Website Homepage with Photography

BEFORE: Website Homepage


The church uses ATT DSL internet, and out in Hamlin, it’s not the best. We deployed Ubiquiti AP’s, a Ubiquiti USG, and Ubiquiti Switches. ATT provided a 4G Cell Phone backup, which is fed into the USG as a failover source. We also setup VLAN’s and subnets for each user group: admin, guest, and audio visual. Various other features were also setup, such as port forwarding for outside access to our custom door lock management interface, and prioritization of speeds for the computers running live Facebook streams.